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My headcanon is that Twilight has a special name for Spike. Each time when they are alone, she calls him Spunk, because of her bdsm and butt slapping fetish.

In addition: at these bright moments of her life, princess asks Spike to address to her as Twilight Spankle. Submitted by Backy

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Hiding behind Brütamod and the others, they seek to find out what sorts of pony ideas the brony community would like to see, so they can make vague hints at them and inspire more neckbeard-based rage.—She found out..OUR COVER IS BLOWN! fuck!  —-DopeyDope

Headcanon submitted by Kneesocks-san

Ok so here’s the story,applebloom was originally applejack but i drew applebloom by accident and since i’m too lazy to change it applejack is now applebloom-ANONPONY™  HEADCANON™ submitted by  invite given to me by

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